Cold War Hot!

ColdWar: 1983 has been out of print long enough. Whilst it was never intended to be anything other than a side project for Wessex Games, published following a request from a company manufacturing 28mm scale Cold War miniatures, its popularity continues to bubble away with a regular number of PDF sales via Wargame Vault and requests for printed booklets (largely we suspect due to the excellent Winter of '79 blog).

After some prevaricating a decision has been made to publish an expanded second edition, somewhat better looking than the original 'old school' look containing more stats and data for NATO, WarPac and  non-aligned forces as well as the scenarios we planned to put into the original booklet but for some long forgotten reason didn't. The current plan is to publish an A5 colour cover booklet and a full colour PDF.

But we are not stopping there! Oh no, enthused (and now less well off) with Empress Miniatures' Devil Dogs and Dragons Kickstarter we are planning an ultra-modern hypothetical Pacific War supplement called Red Dragon Rising (or Red Dragon: 2014, who knows). The idea behind this is that it will include data for the likes of the Chinese PLA, Australian army, USMC and a host of others as well as a set of scenarios and any special rules needed.

After that who knows, though we do have a list of ideas including the Falklands...

So that is the plan, the idea behind the blog is to keep you up to date with the project, the painting of the miniatures for the photos, interesting miniature and book releases etc. so lets see where we end up...


  1. Hurrah! Just what I've been waiting for...let's see those scenarios (especially the Falklands).

  2. Hi Guys.

    Any chance of droping me an email when these rules are available. Defanately want a set of each.

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